Car Detailing: Controlling Pet Hair And Keeping Your Investment Clean

Many Crystal Lake drivers love tooling around town with their feline or canine companions in tow. Pets make excellent friends, and most motorists choose their cars with these special family members in mind. At Volkswagen Of Crystal Lake, one of our top goals is to help pet owners maximize and protect their automotive investments by sharing the top preventative strategies for limiting build-ups of pet hair and other pet-related damages. With the right strategies, the interior of your vehicle can continue looking and smelling its very best, even as you and your favorite passenger cruise to your hearts' content.

Prevent Unwanted Accumulations Of Pet Hair With Good Grooming

It doesn't hurt to have a good vacuum with a bristled brush attachment. These attachments are designed specifically for collecting and picking pet hair up. You can also invest in a lint roller and other tools for cleaning the vehicle interior after a long ride. As the old saying goes, however, an ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure. Thus, you may want to start your fight against pet hair by simply grooming your animal before traveling.

​A thorough brushing will remove and collect any loose strands before these can be shed in the vehicle interior. Removable seat covers are also great for keeping the original upholstery protected. It's also important to note that efforts in pet safety can additionally help keep pet hair off of your seats, flooring, and other interior surfaces. Crating or harnessing cats and dogs won't just keep them safe in the event of sudden stops; it will also keep shed fur to a limited area. If pet hair has already gotten out of hand in your car, visit us at Volkswagen Of Crystal Lake today for comprehensive cleaning, detailing, and maintenance services.


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