If you hear squealing coming from your brakes, do you know what to do? In most cases, this means that your brake pads and rotors have worn down. Metal is now rubbing against metal and causing a terrible grinding sound that comes out like a squeal. When your car starts, your brake light should come on for a second, then disappear. However, it may stay on if your brake fluid is low or if your brake pads have worn down significantly.

You can get your pads and rotors fixed easily. If your brake feels soft or too hard, as if metal grinding on metal, then you may only have a few more drives left before your brake pads completely wear away. It’s unsafe to drive with poor brakes, especially if they are screeching and squealing.

If your brakes cause your car to shake at the steering wheel or your car to pull to one side, then you should stop by Volkswagen of Crystal Lake located in Crystal Lake, IL to get your brakes checked as soon as possible. You could be driving on a broken rotor. Your brakes will likely be too slow to respond if you need them in a quick traffic stop.

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