We are here to help you find the perfect Volkswagen in Crystal Lake, Illinois. Once you make your choice from our vast selection of new and used vehicles, you still have one more choice to make. Will you lease or finance your car?

There are many reasons one individual may choose to lease their car, while another prefers to buy and own their vehicle. We want to help you pick the payment plan that best suits your needs. Use the information below to determine which option is best or pay us a visit at Volkswagen of Crystal Lake to learn more.

Benefits of Leasing vs. Financing in Crystal Lake, Illinois

Advantages of Financing:

  • Pride and ease of ownership
  • No penalty for mileage or damage
  • Increased flexibility for modifications
  • Ability to sell your car in the future

Advantages of Leasing:

  • Easier to change vehicles every few years - get the new technology and safety features
  • Avoid trade-in hassles at the end of a lease
  • Sales taxes only on the lease payment
  • Lower payments each month
  • Lower or no down payment
  • Lower or no repair costs due to factory warranties

If any of these advantages appeal to you, it may be an indication that you should buy rather than lease, or vice versa.

Need more information? Our staff can help you weigh the pros and cons and decide which option is better for you. Get behind the wheel of your new Volkswagen at VW of Crystal Lake today.


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